“Is This Group (Spiritual Biz Success) Christ-Centered?”

Defining Spirituality and Judgment

Someone recently asked me if our group is Christ centered. I always find it very fascinating when people try to define spirituality. First and foremost, Jesus Christ is everywhere. Jesus himself is in all teachings, because we are spiritual beings, so God is within us all. Second, Christ is in no way referring to Jesus’ last name. We are talking about Christ consciousness, not Jesus specifically, which means being tapped into your higher Source. When we are talking about spirituality, we are including all spiritual beings. This is not about one specific religion.

To me, many religions are very closed-minded, and most are geared toward getting us to conform to a certain way of thinking or doing things. I would like to remove the religious agenda behind our thoughts and actions, and only see us all as equal and amazing spirits. We all just happen to be on this planet, in this physical body, in this dimension, at this time.

There is no denomination to this group, because we are all spiritual beings. Jesus is in everything as an ascended master and should be in everyone’s life because that is part of what we are. To tap into Source at the highest level, and to be ourselves, is to be matching the vibration of what Jesus did here on this planet. His vibration was so high and unwavering, that we should always strive for the same.

Christ is about consciousness, and having awareness for all human beings around us, and their individual uniqueness. If we really were following in Jesus’ shoes, we would serve everybody without judgment. We all have that Christ consciousness within us, but we must find a way of tapping into to it. Tap into the highest version of yourself to reach that Christ consciousness where we can perform our own miracles on a daily basis, and realize that God is within us all.

Looking at something, or someone, and passing judgment, is the lowest level of Christ consciousness. It creates complete separation, which could be the biggest cause of separation among human beings. In reality, there is no separation between us. We are all one. When we can understand that we are all one, we will begin to shift the vibration around the world. We have to start within ourselves though, in order to be an example for others.

Our group is trying to raise everyone to their highest vibration so we can eventually change the planet. If you are creating separation because other people don’t follow your beliefs, the problem is inside of you. We should see the beauty in every individual, and be open to everyone without creating that separation. This is the attitude that my spiritual coaching clients are implementing into their businesses. Interested in learning more about this AND the five shifts they are using to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet? Reserve your spot in my free masterclass here: www.spiritualbizsuccess.com.



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