How to Get Out of Scarcity Mode

Raise Your Vibration and Get Into Gratitude

When you, as a spiritual entrepreneur, try and step out in a major way, and create a business for yourself, one of the biggest struggles you will face is dealing with a Scarcity Mentality. When things don’t go quite how we hoped and envisioned, we often find ourselves in a place of scarcity.

Being in Scarcity Mode can be a scary time. You pour so much of yourself into finding clients, and earning income, and when you don’t see those things coming to fruition, you start to enter that Scarcity Mindset. The more you start worrying and questioning yourself and your business, your vibration begins to drop. You’ll begin looking around and noticing the lack of clients and financial abundance, and you create this big snowball of worry.

So how do we get out of Scarcity Mode? How can we climb that steep wall we’re up against. We get out by raising our vibration through giving gratitude. Even if you’re not in the place you feel you should be, you need to give that gratitude. If you can be grateful in every moment, for whatever exists in that space, then the next moment will come back at a higher and higher vibration.

You cannot create abundance for yourself while you are sitting in Scarcity Mode. You cannot create, and share your gifts from that low vibration. Even when you’re frustrated about only having one client, you still need to come from a high vibration, and a place of gratitude. Be grateful for that one client, and for money you earn in that energy exchange.

If you are coming from a place of scarcity, you are living at a low vibration and a “I can’t have” mindset. You must be able to raise your vibration to get out of Scarcity Mode. Start by being grateful for everything you have in the moment. Step up, and change the things around you that you can control! Give gratitude for the things that didn’t work out exactly how you planned, because there is a lesson to be learned in every moment.

Have faith in the Universe, because things are constantly being divinely organized for you. Eventually that abundance will being to show up in your life. There is no reason to worry, or question Source. We have to have faith in our place in the universe, and that Source will show us our way. When we trust that everything universally inspired and organized, there will be no need to worry.

When there is no need to worry, there is no need to be in Scarcity Mode. Take steps to raise your vibration, and create a mindset of abundance. Have complete faith in the universe, and know that you have a divine role on this planet.It is time for lightworkers to play big. Is Spiritual Biz Bootcamp right for you? Check out my free masterclass and learn the five shifts my spiritual coaching clients are using to create six-figure businesses to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet here:




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