Feel Like Your Spiritual Business Isn’t Growing Fast Enough?

I hear a lot from you guys that your Spiritual Businesses aren’t growing as fast as you’d like. You may be finding a client here and there, but for the amount of time and energy you’re putting into your business, it’s just not quite enough for you. There is nothing more frustrating. I have a clear memory of that myself! The key to all of this, is truly being able to connect with your tribe!

Back in the day, as I was growing my Spiritual Business, trying to find my tribe, I had this idea in my head of what they needed. So when I was meeting them, I was trying to tell them what they needed, and I wasn’t connecting with them. I didn’t know what THEY needed. When you are not connecting with your tribe, that is when things go super slow for your business.

When you aren’t connecting with that tribe, you end up flailing around, trying to help everyone. When you cast your net too wide, and go too general in finding your ideal client, that’s when things go slow, because you are not building that soul connection. There is no magnetism to you. The goal of truly connecting with your tribe is to make them say “That’s me!”. When you are making those connections, that’s when you know you’re onto something!

If your Spiritual Business isn’t growing fast enough, it’s because you don’t quite know who your tribe is. If you aren’t talking to your tribe, it’s going to feel too much like a sales pitch, and people won’t be interested. That is why knowing your tribe is so important, it’s the whole foundation of your Spiritual Business.

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