Is Fear of Stepping Out Holding You Back?

Let’s Talk Ego

I want to talk about what is holding you back. A lot of times, when we are spiritual entrepreneurs, we are finally deciding to coming out of the spiritual closet with our gifts, but when you are getting ready, it can be very terrifying. Stop and take a minute to look at what is stopping you.

All of our fear sits in our ego. When we are sitting in ego, questioning how we will be judged, it is just fear. When we have a gift and we need to step out, we need to stop and realize that is not about us. There are so many people who need what you have.

Those of us that have awakened know that there is much a bigger picture. It is so important to share your gift and not allow your fear to hold you back. The fear has to go away. Do not allow your ego to stop you from your gift.

When I first started the spiritual entrepreneur piece, I could not figure out who my tribe was. Business comes easily to me because I am able to use my intuitive side; however, I was not being authentic and showing my truth. It was very uncomfortable to tell my truth.

I realized that I was not connecting with my tribe because I was not stepping out. Once I fully stepped out and shared my true story, my tribe was there, and I had different connections. I was able to share my passion. I don’t just teach because I heard it was a good idea. This is my passion. I am using my expertise and my passion to tie into who I am as an individual. This is how I live my life, and I understand all of you and where you are coming from.

I understand what it is to be a medium, to be intuitive, and what it is to be able to shift your reality. If you are looking for your tribe, go back to your truth and your voice. When you go back to your truth, your voice, and your story, you will find your tribe because they will understand you. They will connect with you.

It is so important to be able to sit in your truth and share that you are and your tribe will find you! Do not let that fear get in your way. We are only here right now to help with the planetary shift and to help raise the vibration. The only way we can raise the vibration is to show people that this reality isn’t what they think it is. You are showing people how to get in touch with Source.

This has nothing to do with you. Look at this from a place of service and that you are stepping out to serve people and you will notice the fear is no longer there. Do not let your FEAR sit there! Fear is your ego.

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