Do You Fear Financial Success With Your Spiritual Gift?


Hello, Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, people! How is everybody? I’m a little late on this Friday, but I saw a post in the group that I thought would be easiest to address in a video than trying to write a response back. See, there was a post from Anna, and I believe Whitney and Frederick had chimed in. First of all, thank you guys for connecting in the group because I think this community is like such a great place for people to connect and share.

But Anna’s question has to do with creating the financial abundance, and I think her fear was like leaving her family behind. So she’s just starting her business. She’s a little worried about creating that money, and when that money comes through, that she’s then leaving the family behind from where they are because you’re changing the structure. We’re changing the structure of how the family is now.

And Anna, my advice to you would be, first, to realize that you have a gift and a power that really needs to get out there, right? So we need to look at you first and say, “This is what I need to be doing.” And you have that gift for a purpose.

Then, two, I would say let’s not worry about things that haven’t happened. So if you’re worrying about creating financial abundance and that will change your family’s structure, let’s not worry about that right now because you don’t even know if it’s going to be a problem. So let’s take that worry out. We’re creating a situation that we don’t want, right? And we’re putting it in our heads, and we’re putting our energy into a worry which isn’t serving anybody. So let’s kind of remove that.

Then, the biggest thing I would say with this, Anna, is that when you take you out of the equation, you can see what you’re supposed to be doing. So Anna, in your case, you know, you’re worried about your family’s reaction and what’s going to happen in your family. What’s happened here is the focus on you. What’s going to happen to me? What’s going to happen to my family? Where is that going to go? You’re creating this negative energy around that with the worry and the concentration on yourself.

When we look beyond ourselves and we see that we’re here to serve, we have to look and say, “How is it hurting the world?” Or not helping the world, let’s take the negative out of that, in hurting, but how is it not helping the world to be able to get out there and really serve? So when you take the “I” out of it… Because the “I” is that selfish part. We’re worried about what we’re doing and how is that going to impact other people, but we’re worried about us. We don’t want to be worried about us. We want to see how the gift that you have is what gets you out there and creates a shift on the planet, and your family will support you if you don’t worry about it.

If they see you thriving… I think in your post you said that when you’re working with Spirit that is your happy spot, right? That’s when you’re thriving. And when your family sees you thriving, they will support you because they’re going to see you at your happiest level of you and they will be there for you. So Anna, my suggestion to you… And I think Whitney was in the same spot, and I think Frederick’s already making progress that way, though my suggestion to you, Anna, is to step out with your gift.

Don’t worry about anything. Spirit and the universe has your back, and if you’ve received this gift, it’s time for you to step out. It’s time for you to do it. Take the worry out of what other people are going to think about what you’re doing and really just step out.

Remember that the more financial abundance that you create, you can actually serve your family. It’ll help your family thrive as well, as well as taking some of that financial abundance and giving that energy back to the world. That’s why we’re all here. We’re here to serve. We’re here to create the financial abundance and then give it back to the world out there. So that is my quick answer to the post that Anna had put in the group earlier.

For those of you just joining, the question with Anna, when she was worried about stepping out with her gift and creating financial abundance and creating that shift, that unbalance in the family, basically changing the family structure – so I’m saying don’t worry about it. We are here with our gifts to serve. We have to take us out of the equation because when we take us out of the equation, that selfishness goes away, and we see that we’re just really here to serve.

So get rid of those fears, get rid of those worries, and really step out with your gift. So the rest of you guys, have a beautiful time this weekend. Hopefully, it’s lovely wherever you are. And I will see all of you in the Facebook group on Monday. And I think on Monday, maybe Tuesday, I’m going to do a live broadcast talking about sales, because sales seems to be a problem with spiritual entrepreneurs, so keep an eye out for that live post. I’ll put it in the group and do a live video for you guys probably Monday or Tuesday. So you have a beautiful weekend, and I will see you guys in Spiritual Biz Success. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye!



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