Is Your Ego Holding You Back?

After one of my blog posts about the importance of building your tribe when creating your spiritual business, I received an interesting response from a reader.

A woman, we will call Susan, said, “Personally I worry that building a tribe is being based on “ego”. Although I define a tribe as people of equal status who respect and support each other, having a “following” is potential co-dependent.”

It got me to thinking, how many spiritual entrepreneurs are holding themselves back from serving the world because they are afraid of their ego?

Ego gets a bad rap. The Spiritual Research Foundation defines ego as “the dark covering seen around the soul.” Really? That is just plain silly.

We have an ego for a reason, it has a purpose, and we use it every day in everything we do.

For example, let’s say you have a job interview. You get your resume in order, you prepare your introductory speech, and you wear your nicest suit. You really want this job, and you want to make a great impression. During the interview, you tell the manager that you are a hard worker, have extensive knowledge of the job they are hiring for and tell them you are the one for the job.

This scenario could not have occurred without the ego. The ego is a liaison, it represents the characteristics we want to show the boss.

The key is to understand that the ego is a mask. We are not the ego, but it is a tool to be used. When we understand it is merely a mask, we can avoid creating a false sense of identity out of it.

To fully step into your power you must call upon the ego. Worrying that the ego will take over is operating on a fear based mentality, and that never helped anyone.

We are here to have an impact on this planet, to change lives. This world needs leaders to make this happen. Building a tribe is about connecting with people you can help. With awareness and consciousness you can use ego as it is meant to be used and change the world.

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