Do You Find Yourself Dragging Your Feet With Your Spiritual Business?

There have been many instances where I hear Bootcampers mention that they are “dragging their feed” when it comes to their spiritual business. When you start dragging your feet, nothing happens. Everything comes to a grinding halt, and there is no movement. When there is no movement, everything stops, and so nothing happens. So when we catch ourselves dragging our feet, we have to ask ourselves “why is this happening?”. There is usually something bigger happening there.

The main reason I know to be true when it comes to dragging your feet is being out of alignment with Source. If we were in that perfect alignment, we wouldn’t have any of those common fears and hesitations, and we would be doing what we need to do to create the business and the abundance we desire.

What it boils down to, is that the most successful people either don’t have that fear about stepping out as a true spiritual leader, or can harness that fear and use it to propel them forward. That fear is like having 100 pound weights strapped to our ankles, and we are just unable to move. A lot of times when this fear creeps up, spiritual entrepreneurs tend to take a step back and say, “I need to take some time to meditate on this.”. And yes, while there are times when taking a step back and giving some thought to an opportunity is a good idea, if we were in truly perfect alignment with Source, we would jump at those opportunities for success.

These opportunities are presented to us by Source. We need to allow ourselves to surrender to these decisions and just say “yes” to them, because we attracted those opportunities ourselves! The minute we start dragging our feet, we get indecisive, and feel like we need to step back and weigh our options. What we are doing in that moment is telling Source that we don’t need that help being provided, when in reality, those choices wouldn’t have been made available to us if we weren’t ready for them.

When we drag our feet, we are putting ourselves in a position to lose all of our momentum. The moment we lose our momentum, we stop making positive changes. Everything stays the same, and we miss out on those opportunities Sources presents us with.

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