Conquering the Fear of Stepping Out


Hello. Everybody. Kimberly Maska here, founder of Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. How are you guys doing today? Happy New year! Happy 2018! Glad to see you all here. I want to talk about something that pops up a lot with everybody, and I think it deserves to be addressed because we have the new year in front of us. For this new year, a lot of people are thinking about, “What am I going to do? How am I going to change my life? What’s it going to look like for the new year?”

And then something happens, and this little thing called fear creeps in.  We start talking about wanting to step out, and we want to step out. We want to explore. We want to be living our purpose, but then that F word, fear, creeps in. It keeps us from moving forward, and it keeps us from living our purpose.

I see it happen so often, and it truly breaks my heart when it happens because someone has a dream. They have a goal. They know what they want to do. A lot of you are in this Facebook group because you are tapping into your gifts. You know you’re trying to step out. You know that it’s time. You’re trying to step out and really share what Source has given you.

Then, suddenly, we get this little inkling, this little voice that starts to say, “Oh, am I good enough? Who would think that I’m the one that can come out and share my gifts? Who’s going to follow me? How am I going to help people? What is my family going to think? What are my friends going to think?” All of these questions start creeping in, these doubts, these self-doubts, these limiting beliefs about what life is about and what stepping out with our gift will be like.

We need to remove those because you have a purpose. If you’re in this group, it’s because you have a purpose. If you’re following me, you’re a spiritual being who is  getting ready to step out with your gifts, and it’s really time for you to do that. That’s why you’re here. That’s why the universe has brought us together, and so we have to eliminate those self-doubts. We have to remove those and realize that that’s not enough to hold you back.

When it comes down to it, from where you are right now, if you are not living your purpose, if you’re not living the dream life that you want, and you’re in a dead-end job and just frustrated, you have to ask yourself, Are you more married to the story of being stuck and living with your doubts and fears, or are you more married to the story of really stepping out and living your purpose? What is more important to you?

Sometimes, we allow those fears to hold us back. We allow those fears to win. We start buying into the story of the fear and all the things that might happen if we do step out, and so we need to eliminate those. How do we do that?

The first thing we need to do is we really need to realize that when we’re stepping out, it’s not about us. It’s not about you stepping out. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with you serving. So when you take the you out of it, you take the ego out of it, the What are people going to say about me? What if my family thinks I’m crazy? All of the other little voices that come up in our head.

When we remove that and we realize that it is not about us, it is about service, it’s about stepping out, that’s one way to remove those doubts. It’s not about you, and those doubts are just about you, right? Those doubts are about you, and you want to be able to just remove those doubts and move forward.

When we realize that it’s not about us, that it’s the reason why we’ve been given these gifts is to step out and to change lives, it kind of gets rid of all of that. It’s not about you, guys. The more you make it about you, the more worried about stuff, the more, “Oh, I don’t know. What people are going to say? Oh, I’m an introvert. I don’t know what’s going to happen.” That’s all about you.

This whole vibrational shift that’s happening on this planet right now is not about you. This is about us helping others outside of us, being able to help people all over the planet raise their vibration. It’s about helping people find their purpose. It’s about all those gifts that you have that it’s time to step out with. It’s about helping those people. So remove you from the equation, and then realize that if someone does have a problem with you stepping out – because I know one of the big things we’re worried about, What are people going to say if I step out as a spiritual person or a spiritual entrepreneur? They’re going to say, “What are you doing?”

I have a client right now in boot camp who hadn’t told her family that she’s stepping out as a shaman. It’s been really holding her back. And now, she’s had the courage to tell them, and you know what? They still love her. They still love her. They may have had an issue with it in the beginning, and then they talked through it with her, and they realize that’s what she loves. So they still love her. They’re still there. It’s amazing.

Our family actually does love us unconditionally most of the time. If they don’t love you unconditionally, that’s actually their issue and not yours. Again, that has nothing to do with you. If someone has a problem with you stepping out as an intuitive or shaman or whatever your gift is, that has nothing to do with you either.

It only has to do with them. They have some issue going on inside of them that they’re bringing forward. They have some old story that they’ve learned that they’re bringing forward, and you just happen to be the person they’re projecting it on. So it has nothing to do with you because when you can get over that, when you get over that hump and you realize it doesn’t matter what they think, it doesn’t matter what they say, just let it happen.

You’re here to serve. You’re here to live your purpose. Again, if they have a problem, it has to do with them. Sometimes, there is the tough part of changing our vibrations so much that the people who don’t match our vibration fall away. It will happen naturally. Sometimes we worry about that. We worry about it more than we should. We worry and think, Well, what’s going to happen to my friends? What’s going to happen to my family?

If they can’t keep up with your vibrational expansion, they will just disappear, so don’t worry about it. It just happens organically, and you will probably be happier for it in the long run. It’s just how it is. When you are living your purpose and you are at your highest vibration, you’re not going to want those low-vibration people around you anyway. It’s a little unfortunate because we all wish that we could help those closest to us, but sometimes the ones closest to us are the ones that just don’t get it. They can’t see us in that light.

Now, perfect example, Jesus, right? Jesus, who, of course, was amazing. and talk about being tapped in and dialed into Source, right? But what did they say? “Oh, he’s just a carpenter.  Oh, that carpenter from Nazareth?”  They couldn’t even see it because they were too close to him until after the fact.

Your family, your friends, might be exactly the same way, and so they may not be able to see you for the greatness that you are. Again, that has nothing to do with you. That only has to do with them. So to conquer that fear of stepping out, just be in alignment, and know that you’re here to serve. You are here to change lives. You can change thousands of lives with the right setup. So you’re stepping into what you’re doing.

Then, it’s really where you need to be. It’s really… Your purpose is “it.” That’s what makes you happy. That’s what brings you joy. That’s also what brings you financial abundance. When we’re in alignment with what we’re doing and we’re serving at that level, that financial abundance just shows up because we’re serving. And it’s an amazing thing to watch happen with my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp clients. When they finally step into their gift and they really step into who they’re serving and how they’re serving and they get it out there, the financial abundance literally just shows up. It’s pretty impressive to see.

That’s why a lot of you may be struggling right now, financially. If you’re struggling, it’s because you’re not living your purpose. It’s this thing where you’re going to work, and there’s all these bills, and it’s just crazy how it happens. So you’ve got to be living for you. Stop being a people pleaser. Stop worrying about what they’re thinking. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether they think you’re crazy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re family says, “I spent all this money on your education for years. What are you doing, going out as a spiritual coach?” It doesn’t matter.

You’re here to serve, and that’s what you are meant to do. That service will bring you true joy and true happiness. Remember that when you’re looking at these fears. It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. You need to live for you and you only in the sense that you have to be in vibrational alignment with your purpose. When you’re in vibrational alignment with your purpose, that’s the time that you’re living for you.

The ironic part, when you’re living for you, it means you’re actually serving, and you’re living your purpose that way. So just remember it has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them, and you are here to live your purpose and really step out and change the world.

When you’re ready to step out, if you’re ready to do that now, you’re ready to say forget what everybody thinks and really step out and have a massive ripple effect, boot camp is here for you. Reach out to me. I can help you solve that major problem. I can help you get out there and change lives in a major way. I will put a link up to my training: Spiritual Biz Success. Watch the training. If we are a vibrational match, then go ahead and book a call. My team will talk to you about boot camp and get you enrolled so you can change your life and start changing lives all around you.

So you guys, have a beautiful day. Thank you for joining me live, and I will see you guys in the Facebook group. Have a beautiful day. Remember it has nothing to do with you, only everything to do with them. When you’re ready to change your life and do this in a major way and step out, reach out, and we’ll talk to you about boot camp. Have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you later. Bye-bye.



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