Does Comparison Energy Have You Stuck?


Hello, beautiful souls. Hello, Spiritual Biz success people. How are you guys doing? Just decided to hop on. I’ve actually been doing interviews all morning for Spiritual Biz Magazine. And so everything was set up, so here I am. I want to talk real briefly about something I see popping up quite a bit, and that is about comparison energy.

When we sit in comparison energy, it’s never a pretty place to be, and it can show up in a number of different ways. It can show up as we’re looking at what other people are doing, and we’re comparing ourselves to them. We start thinking about, “Well, why should I be out there doing X, Y and Z if so many people are already out there doing the same thing?” And we get stuck in this comparison mode with people around us, so we start to question what we’re doing.

We find that it holds us back, and so we look and say, “Well so-and-so’s already doing this. Then why should I be doing that?” And it really doesn’t serve anybody because we don’t have any competitors. What we have are what I call “complementors.” When we have people that are in the same arena as us, that’s great because that means (a) people want what you’re going to deliver, and then (b) that also means that there are plenty of people out there doing what it is that you want to do.

So when there’s a complementor, again, we’re not going to look at them as a competitor. I call them “complementors” because they resonate with certain people that will resonate with you and maybe not with them. Let me rephrase that because that didn’t come out exactly like I wanted it to. But there are certain people who resonate with the other person that won’t resonate with you, and there are people who resonate with you who won’t resonate with someone else.

There are a ton of coaches out there. There are a ton of business coaches, spiritual coaches. I know I have a unique style, and some people resonate with me, and some people don’t, and that’s perfect. That’s exactly how I want it to be. You should want it the same way, so we don’t want to look at comparison energy as you know, “So-and-so is already doing it, so it’s going to hold me back.”

That’s really coming from  a place of scarcity. We need to come from a place of abundance and be able to stand in our presence of who we are and the people that we’re going to serve, and just know that we can’t compare ourselves to anyone else. So not only can comparison energy show up and prevent us from stepping out, but then comparison energy also happens when we’re looking how other people are doing. And it’s like, “Well, is so-and-so doing this? And what did so-and-so do here? And what did that person do over there?”

We have to realize that what other people do has nothing to do with you. I want to be really clear about this because what happens is let’s say you have clients, and someone new comes to you. They say, “Well, what kind of work do you do? And what kind of results did you get your clients? And what are your clients doing?” And you can be like, “Great, my clients do amazing things.”

But just because my clients do amazing things doesn’t mean you’re going to do something amazing. And you’re going to have to hold that energy for yourself because if you’re a life coach or a spiritual coach, however you’re helping people step out. You’re having people get in touch with their empath side, all those things that you’re helping people with, they’re going to get different results.

You’ve all had that experience, right? You have that one amazing client that just knocks it out of the park, and you’re like, “Oh my God, this is incredible!” And then right behind them, you have the second client that just either doesn’t listen to you, or it’s their… I don’t know. They’re stuck in something else that prevents them from taking the steps of moving forward.

So we can’t look at comparison energy that way either. We cannot compare what other people are doing with our success because they’re completely disconnected. Completely disconnected. Whether we have the same, you know, spiritual coach, the same business coach, the same whoever, we’re all going to get different results, and we all get different results because we are all 100 percent responsible for us.

That means we’re responsible for the energy we put into something. We’re responsible for the amount of effort that we’re putting in. We’re responsible for the outcome that we get. We’re responsible for our emotions. We’re responsible for how things make us feel because nothing can make you feel anything. It’s always a choice, right? We have to make a choice about how we’re going to feel in any given moment. Since we’re all 100 percent responsible for where we are at every given moment in this lifetime and thereafter. But since we’re all responsible, we can never look outside of us as to what other people are doing and how that’s going to impact us.

So if we can remember to sit in that alignment of who we are, know where we need to be, know where we need to go. We have to sit with who we are, but we have to know who we are, where we’re going to go, and what we’re going to do and put forth. Then, it does not matter at all what other people are doing. It just doesn’t, and it can’t. So you have to think of it in respect of your clients.

Here’s another great one. Your clients might come to you and say, “Oh, do you guarantee that you’re going to help me?” How can you guarantee something when that other person is 100 percent responsible for their results? You can give them guidance. You can show them direction.

With my clients in Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, I give them an exact amount of, “Here is what we’re going to do, and here’s how we’re going to get from where you are now to where you’re going to go.” Then, every client gets a different result because every client is different. They are 100 percent dedicated in their own way.

Some people have things that come up, and they have to pull back, or maybe there’s just an internal thing, where they’re just not quite ready to take the full step, or maybe they’re ready and just fly through the course and get amazing results. So you can never really do a guarantee. So when your clients come to you and say, “Hey do you guarantee something?” you have to go, “Absolutely not, and absolutely not because I cannot guarantee that you’re going to do what I tell you to do.” Right? You can give them the map, but if they don’t follow through with the steps and guidance that you’re giving them, how can you guarantee anything? So you can’t do guarantees.

When they want to look and say, “Well, what have your other clients done? And what are they doing?” it’s almost not fair to show them the huge success of a client or the clients that haven’t been successful because you’re giving them false expectations sometimes. You’re giving them… If you say, “Oh, I have a client that completely transformed their lives. They found the love of their life. They have the baby that they’d always been wanting to have. They bought this beautiful home, and their life is amazing,” it’s a little bit of a disservice to the new clients coming in. If they feel like they can’t get there, they’re going to start to feel bad about themselves. This is the weird thing… In this world that I’m teaching you guys how to build your business and market, we always talk about testimonials and putting those testimonials out there. It’s great because some people need comfort, but they need comfort that’s not 100 percent confident in themselves or confident in you. That’s where we have a disconnect.

But if they know who they are and they’re confident in you and what you can do, you’re going to match, and it’s going to be a beautiful thing. When you’re giving people a bunch of testimonials and you’re talking about how amazing this client is doing now, like I said, they found the love of their life, their dream home, their dream job, all from working with you and your life coaching program it’s a little bit of a disservice to the new people coming in because they will start to look at that person and say, “Ooh, I worked with her, and I didn’t get those results.”

But they didn’t get the results because they didn’t do the internal work. So this goes back to that we have to be 100 percent responsible for where we are every given time, whether it’s in our business, our personal life, absolutely everything has to come back to us. And the minute we look outside, we’re in trouble. So there’s no comparison energy with your clients, no comparison energy with you. There is an abundance of people out there that need what you have, that are praying for what you have to offer right now because you have a solution to a major problem for them. They are praying for that.

So step out because they’re going to resonate with you, and they may not resonate with another teacher. There might be something about you that they absolutely connect with, and they’re like, “You are the one to get me through my spiritual hump.”

But if you don’t step out because you’re busy comparing yourself to other people that are out there and say, “Oh well, if I step out like…,” I don’t know, “There are already plenty of life coaches,” then you’re just… It’s kind of nonsense that you’re letting that comparison energy hold you back. So guys, you have amazing talents. You wouldn’t be in this group if you weren’t doing amazing things and having these gifts come up in you, right? You’re going through your awakening process, or you’ve already awakened.

This is the time to step out. Stop the comparison energy nonsense at all levels. Step out. Get out there with your gift. Do amazing things. If you are already out there and you are getting clients but you want to go bigger, and I’m talking really big, and be able to cross the $10,000 to $15,000 a month mark, and you’re ready for the Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, then reach out, and private message me. I can show you absolutely the path to how to get there, but again, the results are 100 percent your responsibility.

So I hope that helped you guys when you’re working with your clients. I know it’s a beautiful way to conduct business because that’s how I do it because we are all part. We just have to be in alignment with us and be responsible so that we can find our own happiness, right? That’s the exciting part. So you guys, have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you in the group. See you soon. Bye!



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