Comparison Energy Getting You Down?

I know this is something that comes up a lot. I hear it all the time. People have these amazing gifts, and they want to step out, but then they start looking around. They look at who is doing what, and how they are doing, and what kind of program they have. All this time they are looking outside of themselves, to see what everyone else is doing. That is the kiss of death. Truly, Comparison Energy is the kiss of death.

Comparison energy sucks all your energy out that you could be putting into your company, and into serving, and instead of serving, you’re just stuck. It doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t serve anything at all. When we look around like that, we begin to doubt ourselves. We see what everyone else is doing and think, “Well, I guess there isn’t a need for me.”

Comparing yourself to anyone else is just silly. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and there are NOT enough Spiritual Teachers for everyone looking for one. And even if there were, different people have different preferences. You might have a similar gift to offer as another Spiritual Leader, but maybe you have a stronger vibration with the client. You’ll never know if you are limiting your potential by worrying about what other people are doing.

There is a tribe out there that is waiting to connect with you. The souls that have known you before are out there. Those other Spiritual Teachers don’t have the vibration with them that you do. You will attract those people, and you can change their lives. But if you spend your time looking around at what other people are doing, you’re creating worries that have nothing to do with you. Get out of your head and serve, because people are waiting for you.

It is time to stop looking around, and start following your true path. Your tribe is out there waiting for you. If you are ready to start serving, check out my free Masterclass on how to find your tribe. Check it out at



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