Can You Really Make Money While You Meditate™?

creative process (1)We have all heard the phrase, make money while you sleep. Well, as spiritual entrepreneurs I like to think of it as Making Money While You Meditate™.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to go into a beautiful meditation and then discover you had more money in your bank account after your meditation than you had before you started?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but it really can happen.

Creating passive income is the dream of every entrepreneur. Having passive income gives you the freedom you crave with your business. You can be at the beach with your kids, meditating in the woods or sitting on top of a mountain and financial abundance can flow to you. And your income and your time are no longer joined together. Getting paid by the hour becomes a thing of the past.

It is time we all had the freedom to enjoy life, there really is no reason to work so hard. There are 6 Steps to Making Money While You Meditate™ and I have broken them down for you here:

Step #1: Leverage Your Expertise

Leverage your expertise and create an information product. What is the biggest problem you can solve for your tribe? Determine where your clients are today; then look at where they will be AFTER they work with you. Plot out that process and turn it into a course!

Step #2: Connect with Content

Connect with your tribe through content (i.e. your blog). Provide valuable information that leads them to your product…kind of like I am doing here.

Step #3: Advertise

Get as many eyeballs as possible on your content. This can be done through advertising on places like Facebook and Twitter or through affiliate marketing.

Step #4: Have An Irresistible Offer

Have an irresistible offer in place to build trust and authority with your tribe. This is the first energy exchange with your tribe and it will change the customer relationship. They give you their email address in exchange for your irresistible offer and now they are more invested in you.

Step #5: Create An Email Sequence

Create an email sequence that will guide your tribe to your product. Email communication that provides VALUE to your tribe is invaluable.

Step #6: Present Your Offer

Present your offer! You won’t sell anything if you don’t present it to your tribe. Share with your tribe your amazing offer that will change their lives. They click the BUY NOW button and money energy appears in your bank account!


You can even create a membership site where people join to get access to the amazing information you create each week.

It is truly life changing when you can create passive income and serve your tribe at the same time.


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