Role of Creativity in Your Spiritual Business

I was recently interviewed by Shereen Sun for the Creative Revolution Summit, and it got me thinking about the role of creativity in business design.

Creativity and business are two words we don’t normally associate with each other.

As spiritual entrepreneurs, when we hear the word “business”, we immediately cringe. “Business” feels too structured, too left brain, too masculine.

But if you think about it, creating a spiritual business is, well, creative. We create our logo, brand, website, message, courses, all with  a goal of creating a life we love.

Yes, there will still be some left brain, masculine energy needed for accounting and technology, but designing and creating your own spiritual business is all done by tapping into our creative energy flowing from Source.

Without the creative process your business will be a carbon copy of someone else creativity. It will feel fake and lack the authenticity we all desire. I promise that won’t get you any clients.

I challenge you to think of your spiritual business as a creative project. Here are some new ways to think about creativity and business.

1) Creativity is about connecting, so is your business

During the creative process an artist connects with Source to receive inspiration, which allows them to create a beautiful piece of art. That art becomes the medium used to connect with audiences around the world. Creating your spiritual business is exactly the same process, but instead of art you create courses and services that allow you to  connect with your tribe. You connect, you serve, you change lives.

2) Your “unique you” sells

Do you ever find yourself saying, “Why should I create my own business when there are already hundreds of life coaches, intuitives, mediums (you get the picture) out there? It’s already been done, so why should I try?”

The answer is because you are unique. You have your own unique experiences and your own unique creativity. When you tap into your creative energy to design a business that is as unique as you are, you will stand out from the crowd.

Your tribe will connect with your uniqueness. The “unique you” is what sells and what will propel your success.

3) Success comes from innovation

Business is about innovation, and innovation comes from the creative process. Tapping into the energy from Source during meditation allows you to be receptive to inspiration which leads to innovation. Creativity & innovation are the best business strategies you can have.

4) Challenges are creativity’s inspiration

Failure? Nope. Just an opportunity to be creative. We are always on our path, so even when something goes “wrong”, we must look at it as inspiration for creativity. What ideas can you tap into that you hadn’t thought of before? Great businesses are created by finding a solution to a problem, so see a failure as a new opportunity for growth.

5) Creativity feeds the soul

Your spiritual business is your life purpose, and it MUST feed your soul or why bother with it.

Creating a business is supposed to be fun (yes, it is a little scary too but the fun outweighs the scary part). And what is more fun than being creative? Giving creativity a major role in your business will draw extraordinary people to you. Extraordinary clients, partners and employees.

Your creativity is your unique contribution to this world. Without creativity & innovation, you have no business having a business. Now go be creative.

To hear my full interview on the Creative Revolution Summit, CLICK HERE. You will find my interview along with 25 other experts who share how creativity can improve every area of your life and business.


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