Do You Have a Bunch of Certifications But No business?


Hello, Spiritual Biz Bootcamp peeps! How are you guys doing? Not Bootcamp – sorry, I messed up. That’s who I was talking to earlier. My Spiritual Biz Success people, how are you? Can’t keep track. How is everybody?

I want to talk real quickly about something I’ve seen very consistently with people, as I’m talking to people every day about their spiritual businesses. I’m calling it the “building the boat syndrome.” Because I see so many times where spiritual entrepreneurs have taken a ton of courses. You’ve got this certification, that certification. You’ve got a course – a certification in everything you can think of, all the different modalities so that you feel comfortable about stepping out. Yet, you have not taken the time to think through what you’re going to do with those modalities. What are you going to do with them and how are you going to create that spiritual business?

I see it over and over and over. It’s like you back yourself into a corner with all the things you’ve taken, but then you haven’t planned for taking the next step. You haven’t planned for actually how you’re going to monetize it. You haven’t planned for how you’re going to find those clients. So you get all these certifications, which look fantastic, and they’re exciting to get. It gives you the confidence that you need to step out, but then you’ve spent all your financial resources on these certifications, and you haven’t planned about how you’re going to make it an actual business. I like to say, it’s the building of the boat in the middle of a city.

So you’ve built the boat in the middle of the city. You did not think about how you’re going to get it to the ocean. So we have to have a plan about how you’re going to do that. Guys, at any point in time, you want to ask questions go ahead and pop some questions in about what I’m talking about. I will answer them. So I can see them here.

We need to really have a plan – in 2017, this year. I know everyone does this whole, “What are you doing for the New Year?” But we really do need a plan for what you’ve been doing. So if you’ve been taking certifications. Or maybe you’re in the process of getting a different sort of certification. Life coach or all sorts of stuff. There’s all sorts of modalities you can get your certifications in, which are great. But I will say this, your own self-knowledge is really more valuable than any of that.

So, you can get the certifications if you feel that you need to but, hmmm, I don’t think they’re always necessary. I’m just saying. A lot of you guys have amazing gifts, and you really don’t need a certification to step out there. It’s really about your confidence. But let’s say you have those certifications, now what are you going to do? Do you have a plan? Have you created a plan? Or did you just take the certification and think, “Now, I’m going to run out and get clients”?

So you guys really need to be thinking about what are the steps you’re going to take. How are you going to build your tribe? How are you going to bring them in to create financial abundance? You need that energy of money to be able to give back to the world. So how are you going to create that? And have you taken the time to really plan that out?

I’d say that 9 out of 10 of my clients, when they come to me, it’s because they backed themselves into this corner. They didn’t think it through. They didn’t think about how were going to take the next step. They didn’t think about how they were going to find those clients and find that tribe and what does that all look like – that or they’re piecemealing. They’re going out, and they’re taking this little course or that little course, trying to piecemeal it all together. It’s incredibly time consuming and really expensive when you add up all the things that you’ve done and all the certifications and all the courses that you’ve taken, and you add those up. You look at what that cost you, but then maybe you just didn’t have the plan in place to be able to turn around and make that money back.

So we need to talk about having that plan. Part of that plan is really being able to build your tribe. Know who they are. You have to know exactly who they are so that you can go out and find them. When people come to me, it’s almost always because they’ve been trying to do this. They’ve been building their business, and it’s just not working. They’re making a thousand, two thousand dollars a month. Maybe three or four, which is better, but it’s still not enough to live on. How do we get to that 10,000, the 20,000 dollar a month? How do you get there? What do you have to have? A tribe. And you have to have a consistent flow of clients.

That’s another big thing I see. People get a client here, a client there, but they don’t have a plan or a structure. There’s no process for bringing in clients every day. You should have new clients coming to you every day. You’re going to call this a spiritual business. You want new clients coming to you every single day. You need to have a process in place to bring those in. You need to know who they are. You have to have a process in place to bring them in, and then, the kicker, you have to have something to then sell them.

Selling, let’s not be confused with the idea of selling. People get – it’s icky; it’s uncomfortable. That’s just nonsense because selling is service. That’s what it is. You’re not serving anyone if you’re not selling. You need to have something to offer them. You need to have a service to give them so that you can help transform their lives. What is that? What product is that? What are you creating? Is it a course and how are you going to best serve your clients?

Because I think many of you know, my whole goal is having 5,000 spiritual entrepreneurs create 5,000 businesses in the next five years. It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to go create a business and get my gift out there,” and kind of do it in kind of a — I don’t know, can I say the word half-ass on Facebook? — way of doing it. But you really want to be able to step out and serve your clients to the best of your ability. This isn’t about just creating nonsense businesses. This is about service. How do we step out and serve?

So when you’re creating your courses, how are you going to best serve them? You have to really think this through, and you have to have a plan, or all those certifications that you’ve been doing are going to go to waste. I’d love for you guys to comment down below after this is posted after a slide or even now for you guys that are watching. How many of you have certifications that have not — Hey, Laura. Laura is in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. She’s amazing.

How many of you guys have certifications and you’re not making any money from them? I know the certifications are part of our service, and we’re giving back. But if you’re not creating financial abundance in, you can’t fully serve. If you’re struggling and you’re in a place of scarcity, then you can’t give it back. Hey Anne. Anne is also in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, awesome. Welcome, ladies.

If you’re not really creating that financial abundance, you can’t really serve. If you’re in scarcity mode, you can’t serve. If you’re struggling, you can’t serve. So yes, you got your certifications in your modalities to be able to step out and serve but you need to also be able to turn those around and create the financial abundance so you can put yourself in the best possible position to be the best possible version of you, as well as to then take that financial abundance and be able to give it back. Be able to turn it around and help people all over the place.

I’d love to see how many of you guys have done that. You’ve built the boat in the middle of the city. You don’t know how to get it to the ocean. You’ve gotten all these modality certifications. You’ve got all your stuff ready but then you have no idea how you’re going to create a spiritual business about it. This is something you guys can think about. If you’re in that situation for 2017 or you’re about to take some certifications, you guys really need to have a plan in place to be able to turn around and create a spiritual business. That’s why we’re here.

So when you guys are tired of having a very expensive – Sue – Sue built the boat first, yup. Sue. I have all my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp people here, thanks guys. So if you’ve built the boat, you’ve got to figure out, “How do I get it there?” You have to have a plan. You guys really have to have a plan. You’re not serving until you do that. You have to be serving at the highest level. That’s why we’re here. We all know there’s this shift happening. We all have to be part of it.

When you guys are tired of having a very expensive, very expensive hobby, all those certifications add up. The little classes here and there add up. So when you’re tired of having an expensive hobby, and you’re ready to turn it into a full-fledge spiritual business, reach out guys. Let me know. Private message me, that’s the best way to do it or comment below. If you guys have any questions, post them. Always post them in the Facebook group. I’m there all the time answering your questions so that you can get out there and really have a huge ripple effect on this planet. You guys have a beautiful day, and I will see you later in the Facebook group. Bye.



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