Does Asking for Money for Your Services Feel “Salesy” and Uncomfortable?


Hello, everybody. Hello, Facebook peeps and people watching me from Twitter and LinkedIn. How are you guys? So, we had an interesting conversation in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp group today, and I kind of want to address it here. Somebody was talking about how when we go to ask for money for our services, that it feels uncomfortable. And they were getting through the call fine until they got to the end, and they were going to talk about their price. And they were chatting with someone, and they went to say the price, and it just felt so uncomfortable.

So have you had that issue? Have you had that where you’re feeling crazy, like, great and on fire, and then the money comes up, and then everything like comes to a grinding halt? I think we’ve all had that happen. We go to talk about the money, and then we just, like, erp, everything stops.

So, let’s talk about that. What’s going on with us? Because as spiritual entrepreneurs we’ve been told to give our gift away for free, to get from Source, like, being able to just put it out there and share. And while that’s lovely, and I totally understand where you’re coming from, when we really want to serve, we have to really do an energy exchange, right?

If we look out in nature, everything in nature is in balance. Everything is in balance until humans get involved. And when the humans get involved, things get out of balance and things get a little bit wobbly. So let’s keep it in balance. Let’s keep that flow going.

So when we look at things, there’s a polarity. There’s always two extremes of things, right? And we have to keep everything in balance. And part of keeping our business in balance, as spiritual entrepreneurs, is having that energy exchange of money. So money is just energy. So when we’re giving our energy, we’re giving our gifts, we’re sharing our insights, we’re healing, when we’re doing that we have to be able to receive something back.

And sometimes, it’s very difficult for spiritual entrepreneurs to be open to receiving because we’re so used to giving and giving and giving. So we have to be able to open ourselves up to receive things in, and we can receive the energy back in, and that energy is the energy of money. So when we’re talking to a potential client about what we do, and we go to talk about our pricing, we have to remember that we’re just keeping the Universe in balance. We’re allowing the energy exchange, the flow, to go back and forth. We are open to receiving.

And as spiritual entrepreneurs, you guys do amazing, amazing stuff. You’re out there changing lives in a huge way. You’re healing people. You’re helping them get over emotional traumas. You’re healing them physically, whether they have pain, or you’re giving them insight, or you’re giving them, you’re showing them how to touch inside of themselves and being able to change their lives. And so you guys are doing amazing work. And that work is really invaluable. There’s no price tag you can put on changing someone’s life.

So when you go to heal someone or share your energy, to share your gift, because there’s no price you can put on it, you can feel comfortable putting a bit of a higher price on it, and then expecting that energy exchange and knowing that you deserve that energy exchange. Because when we give and give and give, we’re out of balance, and then the person we give to isn’t always open to what we’re giving them because there’s no value for them because it’s free.

When we get something for free, it doesn’t feel like anything to us, right? It feels very throwaway. Think of something you got for free, and you just chucked it. But if you pay a lot of money for something, you’re going to really value that. So the same is true with our clients, when we’re working with our clients. We have to be able to value what we do and show them the value. When they see the value, they’re more committed to the change. And your clients get better results.

So if you can look at these things and realize that the Universe wants everything to be in balance, that there’s an energy exchange that must happen, that we must be open to receiving as well as giving, and that your clients get better results when you charge them, and charge them a higher price. When you understand those three things, and sit with it and own those three things, and you have a certainty about who you are out in the world, then asking for that energy exchange with your clients doesn’t feel as uncomfortable because then you have the real support within you to know that what you’re doing is amazing and that having that energy exchange with them is what’s supposed to be happening. It’s supposed to happen that way.

You’re not supposed to give it away for free. And you may have heard me say this if you’ve been following me long enough, that I believe that spiritual entrepreneurs have been told to not charge for their gifts because if we don’t charge, it keeps us in scarcity mode. And when we’re in scarcity mode, we have a low vibration. And when we have a low vibration, we’re not at our best, right? We can’t really tap into our gifts when we’re at a low vibration, and we’re worried about other things.

So if spiritual entrepreneurs of today could find the abundance, can create the abundance, and be able to serve, imagine what that would feel like. We all deserve to be abundant. That’s why we’re here. We were not put here to be in scarcity. We were not put here to worry. We were put here to create, to create amazing lives, and to live in abundance. And so when we can live in that abundance, our vibration rises, and then we can do even more amazing things in the world.

And it’s so important for spiritual entrepreneurs to get out there and understand that and know that when you’re asking for the energy exchange, the energy exchange of money for what you’re doing with your clients, that you’re not supposed to feel uncomfortable. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s the way it’s supposed to be to keep everything in balance. So, kind of work on those self-limiting beliefs that are there because those self-limiting beliefs are what’s holding you back about money.

You have to tap into, what are your beliefs about money? What’s keeping you from doing the things that you’re supposed to be doing to create the money, to create the abundance, and live the life that you’re supposed to live? What are those things? Write them out. Figure it out. Do some releasing of them. Get rid of them because you were put on this planet to be abundant and live an incredible life and to serve and have a ripple effect on the planet.

So know that the energy exchange is needed to keep everything in balance. So the next time you go to present your pricing to someone for this amazing transformation that you offer for your clients, have confidence in knowing that it has the value for it and that that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. And when you can stand in that power, your life will absolutely change. So I hope this has helped some of you out there. I know it’s a big topic in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp.

If you want to know more about Spiritual Biz Bootcamp, private message me. But it is a life transformational program where spiritual entrepreneurs come in and learn how to create six- and seven-figure businesses. So you have a beautiful day, and I will see you soon. Have a great one.



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