You Aren’t Serving If You Aren’t Selling

Does Sales Feel Uncomfortable?

Recently, I had a request to advise on how to conduct sales without feeling “icky” and uncomfortable. First, if you aren’t out there selling, then you are not really serving. To be able to serve at the highest level means that you are showing people what you created and sharing your talents. One thing I hear all the time is that you want to help the people, but we are not serving if we are not putting ourselves out there and telling people what we do. Building a business around what we do is a vehicle to get out there and touch hundreds and thousands of lives.

If sales feels “icky,” how do you change that? Selling is simply solving a problem. When you solve a problem and everyone is left satisfied with the result, then selling is unnecessary. Sales feels “icky” and uncomfortable when you are pushing your products on people.

If you come from a place of service and you let them know that you can solve their problem, then there is really no selling involved. People will want to work with you if they feel that you can solve their problem. This idea that sales is “icky” comes from the fact that we are pushing what we have on them without them foreseeing the benefit. If they don’t see the benefit or if you are not solving the problem for them, then you are right…sales is difficult to do.

We have to work on getting past that. Talk to the problem that they have: What is it that they are there for? They reached out to you for a reason. They are looking to solve something. If you can show them that you have the solution, then they will be convinced and want to work with you. The bigger the problem, the more they will pay for the solution. Remember that!

When you are working with potential clients, figure out why they are connecting with you. What made them show up and what problem are you trying to solve for them? When you present your pricing, you reinforce the problem you are solving for them. If you come from a place of service and integrity, sales will no longer feel “icky” or uncomfortable. When we are serving, it is not “icky.”

When we are serving, all we are doing is helping people move forward in their vibration, in their life, or whatever it is that they need. You are serving with the gift that you have. Sales is not icky. As a matter of fact, sales is mandatory. If you are not selling, you are not serving. If you keep saying you want to help, you need to start by creating a structured business. Create a vehicle to reach thousands and thousands of people with your gift.

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