If You Aren’t Earning 6 Figures a Year, You Are Being Selfish


Hello, everybody. Hello, Spiritual Biz Success peeps. How are you guys? Welcome to all the new people. We’ve had a bunch of new people join the group. So, welcome, all of you, to Spiritual Biz Success.

I want to kind of just chat about a little something that is a little controversial that I say, and I laugh because it’s actually in my Facebook ads, and I get a lot of heat from people who don’t understand and don’t quite get it. I’m talking about earning six figures a year with your spiritual business, at least, and how, if you’re not earning six figures a year with your spiritual business, you’re being selfish.

Now, initially, if someone says, “Oh, six figures a year, the $100,000 mark, being selfish,” they start talking about how greedy I am, and everything is about money and just how horrible that is. Well, I’d like to help shift your perspective on that because if you aren’t earning six figures a year with your spiritual business, that means you’re not serving. You’re not serving because you’re not out there helping people and helping shift their perspective and shift consciousness on this planet.

So this is a really big thing, right? Being able to create a six-figure income is huge for you guys. Not only is it huge for you, but it’s huge for how you can give back. So let’s break it down a little bit. When we’re talking about six figures, what does that mean? That means that you are changing more lives because when you receive the energy of money for what you do, that energy of money, that energy exchange, is really just your clients showing you how much they love you.

So when you are having an energy exchange with your clients, that’s just them saying you are amazing at what you do. When you are having an energy exchange with your clients, that’s them telling you how much they appreciate you and how much they love you. So, if you’re earning six figures a year with your spiritual business, that and well beyond, that just shows how much your clients really appreciate you and what an amazing job you do.

So if you call yourself an expert in your field, but you’re not earning at least six figures in your spiritual business, that shows me that you’re not quite an expert because if you were an expert, you would be out there sharing this information with everybody. Your clients would be saying how amazing you are. So that six figures is that energy exchange. It says how amazing you are.

The six figures is also a way to change more lives. So right now, if you have your spiritual business and you’re making a couple thousand a month, and you’re kind of trying to get by and figure out how to create this coaching business around this amazing message that you have, and you’re barely scraping by, that shows me you’re not changing enough lives. This shows me that you’re not changing enough lives.

You’re not out there. You’re not out there, so your clients aren’t able to, then, give you that energy exchange of money to show you how amazing you are. So when you’re not hitting that six-figure mark, we know that you are not really showing your expertise, and you’re not getting the love from your clients. We know that you’re not really out there.

Another thing is that we also know when you’re not hitting the six-figure mark that you don’t really have a business. You have a hobby. You have, probably, a very expensive hobby that you’re trying to get off the ground because when you have an actual business, your business is your vehicle to get out there to change those lives. So a spiritual business is just the way to get out there.

As you build your platform, you’re able to bring in so many more clients like Stacie. Stacie’s in my Spiritual Biz Bootcamp. She’s here with us live. She’s done amazing stuff. Her Facebook group has just exploded, and she’s absolutely blown away by how many lives she can now change now that’s she taken it from something small, which was kind of an expensive hobby and a bit of business, but now she’s expanding. She’s expanding so that she can cross that six-figure mark, which means she is changing more lives, and she’s having an impact every day.

To be able to wake up every morning and see that you’re having an impact on thousands of people every day is amazing. I live it. It’s mind-blowing, truly. I have truly tears of gratitude every day to realize how many lives I’m impacting with everything that I’m doing. And how am I doing that? Because I created my spiritual business. If I didn’t have a business behind my gift and my talent, nobody would know what I am or who I am or what I do or how I can serve, and it’s just kind of a waste.

See look, Stacie, I love her, having her in my group. She’s so excited every time she changes someone’s life on a new level. If you have this amazing gift, which if you’re in this group, if you’re in this Spiritual Biz Success group of mine, you have a gift. You have some insight. You’ve gone through your awakening process. You’re in the process of awakening to see how we need to shift consciousness on this planet. And through that awakening, you see that it is your purpose to be able to get out there and change more lives. If that’s really your purpose, that’s an amazing thing.

If you’re not doing it, I have to ask you, then, what are you doing? Truly, what are you doing if you’re not out there living your purpose? And I have to say I actually, today, had a reading from one of my clients, Jessie. I’ll actually put her info in here. She did a soul contract reading for me today, which was amazing, amazing. It’s really cool to know that I actually am absolutely living my soul purpose, which was really awesome to know. I thought I was, but now she just confirmed it for me.

So if you don’t know what your purpose is, and you’re trying to figure it out, I’ll put Jessie’s name in there. She can tell you exactly what your purpose is and what you should be doing to get there, which, for a lot of people, is the clarity they need.

But if you know you’ve gone through the awakening, you have a message, you know you can change lives. You want to be part of this consciousness shift, this changing the vibration of this planet, then you need to seriously consider how to get your business out there. How do you step out and find the people so you can change more lives? When you start changing more lives, you will cross that six-figure mark.

So if you aren’t at the six-figure-and-beyond mark in your spiritual business, then – oh, look. Stacie’s getting a reading from Jessie. That’s awesome. I’ll say Jessie is awesome. Her reading was amazing. It was really so spot on. It was really cool.

But if you guys aren’t hitting the six-figure mark, if you aren’t there and beyond, then you’re not really serving. I know a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs say, “I want to help. I want to help. I want to serve. That’s all I want to do.” If you really want to serve, then get out there with the business, where you’re touching thousands of lives. Create the six figures so that not only are you then living an abundant life because that allows you to be the best version of you.

Think of all the extra courses you can take and just eat healthier and go to the gym. Remember, it is mind, body, and spirit. To be able to bring all that together because you’re financially abundant is amazing and to be able to take as much of that abundance as you want.

I talk about tithing all the time. Tithing, for me, isn’t to a church, specifically. Tithing, to me, is just about giving back and putting the energy of money back out there. Then, it gives you the ability to tithe because if you’re making $10,000 a year with your spiritual business and you’re struggling, you’re in scarcity mode. Man, you’re hanging on to all that money because you’re going from paycheck to paycheck, and how do I make this work? When you can get out of scarcity mode, then you can give back. And when you can give money back, it’s amazing. It’s such an incredible feeling. And when you give it back, that energy flow happens, and then you get more.

So when you are crossing that six-figure mark, you are able to touch thousands of lives. You know that your clients absolutely love what you’re doing because you’re doing something amazing. We know that you have a vehicle in place, which is your spiritual business, your platform to really get out there and change lives. And then, you are able to change more lives by being able to take the financial abundance that you create for yourself and put it back out there.

So, if you’re really serious about serving, get your business in order. That is it. That is the biggest way to get out there and have an impact. So if you are ready to serve, you’re ready to change lives, you’re ready to create the abundance for yourself and for your family, instead of just sitting around and thinking about it, then private message me. Let me know. I’m going to put a link to my free training for the Five Steps to Create a Six-Figure Spiritual Business. If it resonates with you, then book a call, and we can chat.

But this is really an amazing thing to do, to be able to get out there and know that every morning that you wake up, you are out there living your purpose and changing lives, It’s truly an incredible thing. So if you guys have any questions, I will take a peek. But if not, I will see you guys in the group later this week.

And really, guys, if this is your purpose and what you’re supposed to be doing, get into alignment with it. Get into the right vibration. Know that this is what you need to be doing and then reach out. You guys have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you later in the Facebook group. Have a good one.




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