Are You Using Fear or is Fear Using You?

Use Fear to Propel You

Are you using fear or is fear using you? It is really interesting as we step out as spiritual entrepreneurs because we are stepping out with our gifts. We are stepping out with something that might be a little bit more uncomfortable. Certain fears start to come up, we get nervous, and we don’t know what people will say. Fear steps in and keeps us where we are.

We buy into the story of what might happen to us if we step out. We allow the fear to control us and use us to do its duty, and that duty, many times, is to do nothing. When we sit in fear and do nothing, we will sit comfortably uncomfortable in the same spot.

On the flipside, if we use fear, we can use it to propel us. Fear is a powerful energy. We can take that energy and shift it. Use fear to propel and make the shift into a life-transforming situation.

Think about the last time you were afraid to do something and how you overcame that hurdle and how it was a huge life transformation for you. When we utilize fear, we can actually go faster because we are going to look at the fear and give it things. We are going to give fear gratitude for being there, and we are going to ask how we can harness the energy of fear to move forward.

If we don’t use that energy created by fear, it is just going to keep us still, and then our lives don’t change. We are here on this planet to live the very best version of ourselves, which is how we raise the vibration of the planet.

When you can be at your highest level, harness that energy and allow it to propel you forward. Don’t allow fear to use you. Stepping out is terrifying and people may question you, and they will sit in that fear with you. If you are afraid of judgment, you are now allowing that ego overcome us. This is not about you.

There is a huge vibrational shift that is happening. Your only job is to get out there and help other people awaken and to do that you must harness your fear and move forward. Don’t worry about judgment. Those judging will sit in that judgment and negativity. You have a job to do to step out and shift consciousness on this planet. Always harness fear and do not allow it to use you.

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