Are You Uncomfortable Charging For Your Gifts?

One of the things that comes up a lot in my Bootcamp is the concept of charging for your gifts. A lot of people are really uncomfortable charging. It’s a scary thing to know you have this amazing gift from Source, and you’re going to use that energy with someone, and charge them for it. That energy exchange makes people really nervous, and it shouldn’t!

There has to be a balance. What you give you must receive. When there is an imbalance in the energy exchange, things go wobbly. We’ve seen it before, when we give and give and give, and suddenly there is a sense of resentment that forms. It lowers our vibration and can knock us totally off balance.

When we are uncomfortable charging for our gifts, we need to find a way to reframe it. We have to see that you are giving something amazing, a piece of yourself, your energy. The reason you have been given those gifts it to share that energy with others. You are here to share those gifts to shift consciousness on this planet! To do that, there needs to be an energy exchange.

We forget sometimes that it feels really good to give. As healers, we love giving so much of ourselves, that’s why we want to share our amazing gifts! But when we don’t allow for that energy exchange, we are actually robbing people of that amazing feeling of giving! When you are able to help someone and serve at such a high level, they want to give that energy exchange. They want to give to you because they know that you are going to be sharing an amazing gift with them!

There is an awakening happening, and a paradigm shift taking place. It is not selfish to charge for your services, it is selfish not to. It is time to step out and be a vehicle  for shifting consciousness! Is Spiritual Biz Bootcamp right for you? Find out by watching my free masterclass at




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