Are you one of the 5000?

My goal is to help 5000 spiritual entrepreneurs create 5000 spiritual businesses in the next 5 years and I cannot reach my goal without making a shift, so I am shaking things up so I can have a HUGE impact.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be one of those 5000 spiritual entrepreneurs, watch my Free 45 min Master Class on Spiritual Biz Success, 5 Shifts to a 6 figure Spiritual Coaching Business.

“She is this enlightened business master. She brings us the ability to package ourselves, to get the technical know how, and to have the grounded elements we need to put our voice out into the world so that we can have an energy exchange of love and also monetization.”

~ John Burgos, Beyond The Ordinary Show

“Kimberly really knows marketing. She knows how to create an online presence and make money while you meditate, which is her platform. When you are trying to decide on which coach to work with you, it’s important to find one that doesn’t give you fluff and Kimberly definitely doesn’t do that.”

~ Susan Chu

“Kimberly is both an expert at online marketing and someone who cares deeply about the results her coaching clients receive.  Her energy is positive, supportive and open, and you can be assured that she will go above and beyond to provide you with a successful outcome for your project.”

~ Murray Ansel, Energy Life Coach

You will get the most out of working with me if:

  • You are a spiritual coach that is ready to step out in a BIG way, no more playing small.
  • You are already working with clients and are getting them amazing results (if you don’t have a business yet, join my free Facebook Group, Spiritual Biz Success, where I teach LIVE every week on how to get your spiritual business out there!)
  • You know that investing in yourself and your business is imperative to your success.
  • You are not afraid of money! Be open to receiving, abundance is a Universal Law!
  • You provide TRANSFORMATIONAL results for your clients.

If this describes you, then here is how you can apply to work with me…

Click here: to schedule a complimentary breakthrough session. This will take you to a short application. If you do not complete the application, then we won’t be able to serve you best and will have to cancel the call. On the call we will discuss your spiritual business and determine if we are good fit together. I look forward to supporting you!