Are You Being Lazy?

Normally I would say, “HELL NO!” I am get up at 6:30, I meditate, I walk my fur baby, I serve my amazing clients, connect with new clients, make dinner, clean up after dinner, and spend time with my  spiritual partner, etc.

BUT if I stop to think about it, I am lazy and I bet you are too. How? We are lazy with our thoughts. How many times a day do you allow your mind to go down that path…we all know that path…the path of negative thoughts. 

We get lazy and allow those thoughts to get in the way of our creative power. Do you realize how powerful we can be when we stop the negative bullshit (sorry, but it needed to be said)? We have the power to create and manifest whatever we desire…in an instant. But we don’t.

We all know we have a HUGE role to play in this paradigm shift, but we continue to play small. Fear and doubt hold us back from creating the spiritual business we desire…the business that will change thousands of lives, feed our souls and create financial abundance in our lives.

But we hear the chatter…

“Who is going to listen to little old me?”

“Other people are already doing what I do, so why bother.”

“I don’t have the money to start my business right now, I will do it later.”

“Am I good enough to have people pay me what I think I am worth?”

I know, it happens to all of us. When that happens to me I call my coach and he reminds me how awesome I am. Makes me smile just typing that sentence 🙂 We all need that coach or mentor to help bring a fresh perspective of where we are and show us the fastest path to greatness. 

I will be your coach today…

“You are amazing.”

“The world is waiting for your unique gift.”

“You are here to change thousands of lives.”

“Don’t let money hold you back from your success, it is only energy.”

“You are a POWERFUL. Don’t waste it.”

“You are the creator of your reality.”

Do the one thing for your spiritual business that you have been meaning to do, but have been putting off. 

Stop being lazy. All of those doubts and self limiting beliefs are ruining your life. It is your time to shine your light. 

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Kimberly Maska



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