Afraid if You Raise Your Prices Your Clients Will Disappear?

Getting Past the Fear of Raising Your Prices

I want to talk about pricing and getting past the fear of raising pricing. As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are told that we are not supposed to charge for the gift we provide for people. If the powers that be can keep the light workers down, scrambling, and in scarcity mode living paycheck-to-paycheck, then we cannot focus our gifts for the good of the world.

I believe we have been told to not charge for our gifts to keep us down, which is not cool at all. When we are talking about pricing and pricing for our gifts, there is always an uncomfortable part. Most spiritual entrepreneurs are pricing ridiculously low.

I want you to look at pricing and think about the results you bring about for your clients. So when you are looking at the outcome of where you want to go and where your clients, go ask yourself what that is worth for them. You are creating real transformation for them. When you are creating transformation for them, what would they pay for that?

You are changing their life and helping them get past all of the nonsense and helping them understand we are all one. You are creating an understanding that will allow them to get out of their own way. You want people to expand and to understand that we are all one. You are doing transformational work for people. Ask yourself what that is worth when you create that for people. Your clients should see the value of what you provide.

If you want to be able to serve people, first, build a business. Don’t give your gift away for free and call it a business. Create a business where you are creating financial abundance, and then you can go out and give that abundance to the world. Share your energy. Build your business where you are charging for the result. Then, you can donate your time and money to who and where you desire. Give from your business.

I have clients in Spiritual Biz Bootcamp who are here to create a business to give back and create a nonprofit. The pricing is not about you. Think about how you are serving best. By increasing prices, you are better serving your client because you will be more committed. The clients who are meant to be with you will stay with you regardless of price changes. The fear of the money is just in your head. Remember that light workers with money are very powerful!

This is what my spiritual coaching clients are implementing in their businesses. Interested in learning more about this AND the five shifts they are using to raise consciousness and the vibration of this planet? Reserve your spot in my free masterclass here:




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