A Little Secret That Will Help You Stop Playing Small and Step In

Stop Playing Small

We all know that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we are meant to get out there and share our gifts, but something holds us back and keeps us playing small. There is something that keeps you from fully stepping into who you are and who you should be. We know we are here on this planet to live our purpose.

I have seen a lot of people getting so close to stepping out, but then they have this fear step in, and they get very wobbly. When the wobble happens, everything comes to a halt. It is unfortunate to watch. We have been given these gifts from Source to change the world.

We go from an intuitive feeling of security to an insecure place because all of these little voices in our head start making us think. The minute we start thinking, we are out of alignment with Source. So many times we get in our own way of making our dreams a reality. Our mind gets going, and we get caught up in the stories created by our mind instead of being in alignment with what we are supposed to be doing.

What happens is when we have a problem, we ask Source for a solution, Source delivers the solution, and then we start to allow our mind to “think.” We get caught in the thinking game. The thinking game will hurt you and prevent you from living your everyday purpose because we think ourselves out of things.

We have to be able to get past this! What is the trick? STOP thinking! The trick is to feel into it, count it down, and be done. When decision time comes around just count it down and go with impulse. Count it down 5-4-3-2-1, YES! Take the leap.

When we begin to think, the ego creeps in and the doubts creep in. The doubts creep in, and we miss the opportunity to live our purpose and our opportunity to help people. Every single person has a gift that Source has given them to change lives. If you don’t make the decision, the gift goes away.

Stop the “thinking” about it because it does not help you. The most painful thing for me is when I see someone with a gift and they talk themselves out of it. You are here for a purpose. We are all awakening to help those who have not fully awakened yet. We have to take action and be in the power of now to change your life and help the change others.

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