7 Steps To Create Your Spiritual Business

You have a gift, and you know you can change lives. You are ready to stop playing small and create a spiritual business, but you have no idea where to begin. Does this sound like you?

This has been a big topic lately in my Spiritual Entrepreneur Marketing Facebook Group. The idea of creating a business sounds exciting but you have NO IDEA where to begin, and the whole process feels overwhelming. I am here to give you some clarity on how to begin. Here are the 7 steps you need to create your spiritual business.

Step #1: Get Clear On Who You Are Serving

A big mistake made by spiritual entrepreneurs is assuming you can help everyone. And while yes, I am sure given the right circumstances you could change every life, it is impossible to market your gift to everyone. You need to get ultra clear on who you are serving. When you are clear on who you are serving, you will be able to market directly to them.

Step #2: Get Clear On How You Will Serve

What is the problem you are solving for your tribe? Again, this is about being ultra specific. You want to avoid saying things like, “I will show you how to live a balanced life,” because it is ambiguous and has a different meaning for everyone. Get specific about the problem you are solving so you can connect with your tribe and show them you understand them.

Step #3: Brand You

People want to connect with people. Don’t hide behind a business name. Source has given you amazing gifts, step into your power and show the world who you are.

Step #4: Purchase Your Website Domain

Purchase the domain name for your website, yes, that means your name. Yup, this is all part of stepping out. If your name is taken, try adding a middle initial or adding what you do. For example, if janesmith.com is taken, try janesmithpsychicmedium.com.

Step #5: Define The Steps To Change Lives

Now that you know who you are helping and the problem you are solving, it is time to plan out how you will change their lives. Define the steps you will take to get your tribe from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. List out the process in 5 steps, and you have your first course.

Step #6: Create Your Website

Sometimes FREE is too expensive. Spend the time and money to have a website properly created. In this article, CLICK HERE, I show you how you can have a website created for under $600.

Step #7: Build Your Tribe

Now you are ready to Build Your Tribe. Building your tribe is the single most important thing you can do when starting your spiritual business. No tribe, no business. Learn the steps you need to build your tribe in my free Build Your Tribe Starter Kit. Just click the image below.

Kimberly Maska



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