“My favorite thing about the boot camp is having a structure to follow that allows me to really focus on how to best use my gifts/abilities to serve and making it tangible for people who are unfamiliar with energy work. I'm more of a logical person and its easier for me to sit back and observe and allow info to process first before taking action.” ~A.B.

“My favorite thing about Spiritual Biz Bootcamp is being able to go to deeper levels and let go of belief systems that hold me back. It's been an amazing process of discovery and releasing of layers.” ~S.F.

“I like SBB because it bridges the gap between spirituality and money.” ~N.R.

“My favorite thing about being in Spiritual Business Bootcamp is the way that I am being pushed into new ideas and ways of operating!” ~M.S.

"Kimberly knows her stuff. I love her energy, I can feel her certainty about how successful I (we) can become using her system. Not only that, I truly appreciate how she hold expectation that money really is NOT an issue....it is the mindset of service. Her system is so much better than all the previous "how to build an online business" courses I have taken, where they give you lots of content and only FB group support. Her course is way superior because of the personal support she provides, the ongoing up dates, the live coaching calls her interaction in the FBGroup and her email communication. I truly feel that she has my back and is there totally to help me build by spiritual biz that fuels my passion and my lifestyle." ~G.M.

“I love the bootcamp because I'm moving in the direction I have dreamed of for years.” ~ R.G.

“I love the focus, support and motivation to keep moving forward, especially as I work through resistance, self-doubt and confusion.” ~A.G.